Wedding Jewellery Guide

Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. She is the gorgeous bride in the world. Clothes, jewelry, accessories, hair and makeup, everything must be a perfect match for T-shirts. Large fat Indian weddings are quite luxurious in celebrations, clothing, and jewelry. From wedding carnival to hairstyle, from flower arrangement to buffet, from venue lighting to the guest list, from mehndi to trio, every detail gets attention during the wedding. But in all the hustle and bustle, the bride often makes mistakes in jewelry. Jewelry can affect your overall appearance. Here are some tips to remember when choosing wedding jewelry. Check jewellery here

Working hours: Whether you want to choose jewelry for your Heidi banquet or wedding, please remember the working hours. Since wearing heavy and flashy clothes during the day does not look pleasant, you can leave the dazzling charm at night. Choose light and subtle flash during the day; many people also like flowers and jewelry. Because when it is dark, please take out all the sparks, Kundan, Borki, diamonds, gold, and enjoy all the attention.

Type of Wedding:

Wedding Jewellery GuideMany people like to prepare a theme for the wedding. When coordinating all items, including wedding dresses and decorations, according to a specific theme, it would seem awkward to wear conventional traditional jewelry that does not match the theme. For example, a beach wedding does not require heavy jewelry, and a simple diamond rope may be a good choice.

Wedding Dress:

Wedding Jewellery GuideWhen choosing jewelry, one of the biggest factors is the dress you wear. If your clothes do have a heavy decoration, you can choose some light jewelry, and vice versa. If your clothes have a gold-tone, make sure that your jewelry uses the same tone. If you follow the tradition, you will get the groom’s heirloom jewelry, make sure you choose the appropriate dress code.

With the gold prices soaring sky-high, it is practically not feasible for someone to add all real gold and diamond jewelry in their wedding trousseau. Now you can buy heavy traditional imitation jewelry, at prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Flaunt what you’ve got ( and live your wedding dream )

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