Pandora bracelet lengths- getting the right one for you

pandora bracelet lengthsGetting the Pandora bracelet of the right size is very much important for you if want to wear it for a long time without any troubles. Therefore, when it comes to shopping for the Pandora bracelet, it is very much essential for you to measure the Pandora bracelet lengths. Just think once how uncomfortable you will feel when you have the one that is too tight and may irritate you. Also, think how uneasy it is going to be when wears a bit loose one, spending most of the time in adjusting it only in some or the other way. However, you need not have to worry; this article will give you an overview of choosing the right diameter of the Pandora bracelet to wear for you.

Here are few techniques that you may consider when getting the right Pandora bracelet diameter for you. 

1- String & Ruler- 

pandora bracelet lengths

There are many online stores that recommended this technique when it comes to shopping bracelet. While shopping for it one needs to measure the Pandora bracelet lengths. You can measure the wrist by using a piece of string and then measure the string against the ruler. After that, you can add 1” or 2-3cm to the measurement of your wrist. And this is the size of the bracelet for you. In case if your wrist measures 16cm, you must look for one of 18-19cm. 

2- Use fingers- 

pandora bracelet lengths

The best way of checking whether the bracelet fits your wrist bit properly is through your finger. You must be able to get two fingers between the wrist and the chain. 

3- In the store- 

However, if you are a bit confused that whether you have measured the pandora bracelet lengths bit carefully or not, you can step into the store and get help to dimension it for you. There are few things that you need to keep in mind in terms of pandora bracelet diameter

As you will be adding up many charms to your Pandora bracelet, they might make it to fit bit tighter against your wrist. This is particularly true of the Murano glass charm that in comparison to the ordinary silver charms is quite bigger. If you would like to have many glass charms, you need to consider going up the diameter. 

However, it’s not true for all but from time to time the size of your bracelet may get expanded up to at least 1cm as the bracelet chain link relaxes. Though it is not given that it is stretch but it may happen. Moreover putting the bracelet and distributing the charms evenly may save this to happen. 

Also, you may prefer a tighter or loose-fitting bracelet. As a rule, you need to add a 2cm minimum to your wrist dimension. You can increase that based upon how much you want it to hang.  


So keep all these techniques in your mind and get the pandora bracelet diameter measured bit perfectly and wear the accessory at any time you would like to have that. In this way, you won’t be having the one troubling you. 

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