Makeover Your Engagement Ring

Did you understand those fashion icons, Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor, both reset their engagement rings? The First Lady brought greater diamonds, and the Duchess of Windsor went for a greater modern-day shank than her authentic one. Although they both had emerald engagement jewelry, those legendary women proved that alternate might be for the better with regards to your ring, diamonds or other precious gemstones. diy photo jewelry charms

Although a hoop trade can be rejuvenating for any fortunately married female, it’s mainly uplifting after a damage-up, separation, or a divorce. Why not move for a bit makeover? You can hold the stone and improve the setting or, higher yet, sell your diamond and start sparkling. 

Here are some ideas for a brand new diamond to be able to remodel the style of your ring and some pointers need to you adore your unique stone reduce but want to move bigger or bolder in a wholly new style: 

1. Trade-Up To A Cushion Cut 

Makeover Your Engagement Ring

Maybe your engagement ring of 10 years in the past was stimulated with the aid of Edwardian fashion with a spherical European reduce diamond, engraving paintings, and mille grain in platinum placing. But nowadays you love a cushion reduce and need a ring to mirror who you’re now—less laden, more light-weight and warm, drawn to the glow and character of gold. May we advocate this Penny Preville diamond halo ring with melee diamonds at the shank? This ring will let you shine, such as you must. 

2. Go Delicate With A Rose Cut 

Makeover Your Engagement Ring

If you have a conventional diamond in a cathedral putting that rises high off the finger. You long for something that’s decrease profile with greater individuality. You have to take into account a rose-cut diamond in a hoop that evokes earlier times, yet shows a mixture of vintage and current details. Trade up your plain spherical diamond ring for this fashion by using Sofia Kaman with a pear-shape rose cut. It is a mixture of tricky gold paintings and diamonds surrounding it in a matte end. It is the type of ring as a way to by no means go out of style and can be an heirloom for the subsequent generation. 

3. Supersize Your Round 

Makeover Your Engagement Ring

If you want to preserve your round diamond remarkable cut however would really like a larger stone and more extravagant setting than your classic prongs. There are numerous jewelry to select from which you’ll most effectively have to go barely large on the vital diamond. For this sort of look we advocate Erica Courtney’s ring of prong set halo of melee diamonds surrounded by using a cluster of bezel-set diamonds, with a diamond shank. This gives a mile significant appearance, but your preference to live splendid will sparkle brightly. 

Clean Your Diamond Ring