How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home

Clean Diamond Ring As America continues to stay at home for these next few weeks, we are all certainly keeping busy. Whether it’s working from home, homeschooling the kids, cooking meals, cleaning your house, or working out – it’s no question that there are still endless amounts of things to do. And while you are doing all of those things, your jewelry can get dirty!

We are honored to provide you with a free ring cleaning service. But, until we can re-open our doors again soon, we wanted to let you in on a secret of how you can clean your diamonds and jewelry at home. Keep those diamonds sparkling, because we could all use a little sparkle right now!

There is no need to invest in a fancy home steamer or expensive products to get your ring glistening, shiny, and clean, because this quick and easy option allows you to clean your diamonds right in the comfort of your home.

This simple technique works like magic and takes less than 10 minutes! Please follow the steps below for quick and easy cleaning:

Clean Diamond Ring

Required ingredients/tools:


-Liquid dish soap

-Small bowl

-A toothbrush

-Tissue or soft cloth

Clean Your Diamond Ring Step 1-Prepare the solution.

First, prepare a bowl with hot water, then add 1-3 drops of liquid detergent. Simple things like Dawn will do.

Clean Your Diamond Ring Step 2-Soak

Put your engagement ring gently on the bottom of the bowl containing the solution, then soak for 5-7 minutes.

Clean Your Diamond Ring Step 3-Brush

Next, remove your engagement ring after soaking. Immerse the toothbrush in soap and water solution, and then start to brush the diamond gently. Try to drill deep into the gaps of the drilling ring to remove dust or debris that has accumulated over time. Give it a good scrub!

Clean Your Diamond Ring Step 4-Rinse and dry

Rinse your engagement ring with ordinary warm water, then pat dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. It’s that simple! Your ring will now sparkle and look great.

See how easy it is? Now you can clean the ring once a week from the comfort of your home. Happy cleaning!

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