3 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Your wedding ring is not only jewelry that you will wear forever, but also a symbol of love, and it is probably the only thing that can last a lifetime on the day you actually get married. This is why your wedding ring is as important as the engagement ring.

In addition to choosing the style and color of the band, you can also select a lot of personalized bands! Bring an extra special feeling to the band and make your day more memorable. You can make your wedding ring as unique as the love you share in three ways:

1) Engrave Your Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands You may know the type of wedding ring you want, but have you considered other treatments for the ring? Carving is the ultimate method of personalizing the ring.

Whether it’s a wedding date, initials, love notes or part of a wedding vow, this will make your ring more personal. Did you know that most jewelers provide basic carving for free? Now that you are done, it is time for you and your important people to start thinking about what you might want.

Here are 13 traditional and unique carving ideas, we have already begun to consider these ideas!

2) Add Your Fingerprint To The Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Make your wedding ring more unique by engraving the fingerprint of the husband or wife on the inside of the ring. We like this unique and modern idea!

Only a few jewelers specialize in this kind of engraving, but it is worth it. When buying, you can let your loved ones press their fingerprints into ink and then engrave. Many of our customers have chosen this option, and they like the extra meaning it brings to wedding rings. Most high-quality, luxurious wedding rings can be affixed with the fingerprints of your loved ones.

Although the ring will always be a symbol of your love, this personal style is like you will become an important part of your important others no matter where you go.

3) Add Diamonds & Gemstones In The Wedding Band

Wedding Bands

Option 1: Diamonds/gems on the outside

Another creative way to make your own wedding ring is to add diamonds or gems to it! As people replaced classic gold, white gold, and platinum with 360-degree diamonds, the eternity ring became more and more popular. For those who don’t want a traditional look, colored gemstone wedding rings are an out-of-the-box option that will add a touch of color to your wedding ring stack. Sometimes couples choose colors that are meaningful to them, such as birthstones or patriotic colors. You can choose to stack multiple colors to get cohesion and a unique look.

Option 2: There are diamonds/gems inside

Another way to incorporate diamonds and gemstones without making as bold of a statement is to have them inlayed into your wedding ring. This is not only a good way to commemorate your marriage, but also to commemorate your marriage in the next year, because you can add a stone on every anniversary! If this idea is important to you and aims to cherish the journey of your relationship with important companions, through the ring, you can add a bizarre diamond to the ring to commemorate each anniversary or important milestone.

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